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*read description first*

The time flew by so quickly.  It had only been a few short months since the "Almost Vampire Wars II", yet it seemed as though a hundred years had passed.  'Immortality seriously messes up one's sense of time,' Caius thought as he stared out the window at the snow falling lightly from the sky.

After the incident with Carlisle's grand-daughter, Caius and his brothers had set up correspondence with the Cullen clan.  "To prevent future misunderstandings," his mortifyingly embarrassed brother, Aro, had said, but in his undead heart, he knew that he was just doing it to see how Reneesmee was developing under the care of both shape-changers and vampires.  Nothing bad had happened yet, so it seemed as though the supposed intent of Aro's proposal was working, and Caius had to admit that even he anticipated the arrival of Carlisle's next letter or "monthly check-up".  (The vampire doctor came to the palace once a month to meet with the three brothers personally and when Reneesmee had asked why, he had invented a story that he was going to give the guard a check-up to see if they were healthy, and the concept had stuck.)  He sent e-mails too, but Caius was never one for modern technology.

The most recent letter had been full of apology and supposed regret.  Aro had requested his clan's prescence at their annual solstice celebration and their old companion had declined under the pretense that his brother-in-law, Charlie Swan, needed help acclimating to the world of "werewolves" over the holidays.  Caius wasn't stupid, although sometimes he thought his brother could be.  He could tell that Carlisle wanted nothing to do with them.  'And with good reason,' he thought.  'Aro's consistent and power-hungry pestering would be enough do drive anyone crazy after a while.'

Caius could not say he was not sad that Carlisle wasn't coming.  He had grown rather fond of Bella through his old friend's correspondence and would have loved to see her.  Before he could stop himself, his hand fluttered gracefully to his still heart as he stared out the window at the snow.  Not only was this action strange (Caius was almost never one for sentimentality.) but the weather was as well.

Caius POV:
Many things appeared in the sky over the Volturi citadel, clouds, rain, and certainly a healthy dose of sunshine, but it never snowed.  My brothers and I had been dumb-founded by Zephyr's report of a blizzard just in time for the solstice.  Aro was particularly stupified since he had personally recruited the young new-born for his weather-predicting powers.  'It's such an anomaly', I thought.  'And yet, it feels like the most normal thing in the world.'

What was this feeling inside my heart?  It felt simple, kind of happy, and yet so profound, almost philisophical.  Could this be what peace felt like?  Yes, that was what it was.  Realizing this amplified the emotion and I might have imagined it, but I almost felt my heart beat under my cold hand.  I sighed as I continued to watch the white flakes spiral gracefully, almost like dancers, to their waiting stage on the ground below.

"Darling?" said a voice, snapping me out of my thoughtful wonderings.  "You'll catch a chill if you sit near that window any longer.  Didn't medieval architects ever hear of window paines?!"

I raised my eyebrows in amusement and rolled my eyes in annoyance.  Leave it to Athenodora, my devoted wife, to bring me back down to Earth when I was lost in the heavens of my own mind.  The way she cared for everyone, not just for her husband, and how she could make someone see her side without being sarcastic or raising her voice in anger was something I envied.  The fact that she was in arguing mode right now made it highly improbable that I was going to resist anything she said.

"You do know for a fact that vampires are already quite dead and therefore can't die again, my dear," I said, turning my gaze from the window to gaze on the petite, blonde beauty I called my own.

"I'm sure your brother will think of something," she said in a tone that bordered on motherly.  *sigh* I loved when she got like that.

"Are you telling me the party has already begun?"  Had the time gone by so quickly?!  It seemed only minutes ago that I gazing out at the sunset through the white flurry that had settled around the castle.

"Not yet, but it'll start without us if we don't hurry."  She took me by the wrist and led me down the corridor that led to the throne room.  I followed along compliantly and yet with great resistance; my mind was still back at the window, gazing out at the snow, wondering how and why I felt so- Whoa!

I had almost crashed into the back of my own throne.  As I hurriedly took my place, Aro thought, 'You must be more careful brother.'  I didn't need to look to see the bemused smirk on his face.  This was one of the reasons why I hated parties:  my brother enjoyed them way too much, almost like my other brother, Marcus, didn't find any joy in them.  I groaned as I plastered my best imitation of Marcus' mask of apathy on my face and thought, 'Let's just get the humilation overwith.'

3rd Person POV:
The Volturi citadel was about to come alive with the revelry of the solstice.  The guard filed in through the main door to the throne room.  (Caius had come down the hallway that was the back entrance, behind his and his brothers' thrones.)  They filed, in pairs, into the lavishly decorated room as if it were a tracking drill and not a celebration they were attending.

The oldest came first, Santiago and Demetri, followed by Corin and Heidi, Felix and Layla (the new human secretary as Gianna had been disposed of soon after the "Almost Vampire Wars II"), Afton and Chelsea, and the twins, Jane and Alec.  Also among the procession was Eleazar, a former member of the Volturi, his mate Carmen, and the rest of the Denali Coven, including its newest member Garrett.  Amun, his mate Kebi, and Benjamin were to be found there as well as well as all of the Amazonian Coven.  (All had been extended the same invitation the Cullens had recieved and had decided to come in order to make strong their bonds of peace with the three brothers.)

Zephyr, the newest and youngest member of the Volturi, wound up the procession with Renata, a big smile on his face.  In his hands, he held a small candle which held a flickering flame so volatile, Renata had to shield it with her hand to keep it from going out.  'It's always the young ones who are eager,' she thought.  'It was never like this when Alec was the youngest.  Why am I always the one to escort the candle page?'  Renata's thoughts continued down the path of general complaining and annoyance as she escorted Zephyr to the altar in front of her master's throne.

As was tradition, Aro stood up from his throne and asked, "Who comes to us in this time of darkness and deception?"

"It is I, the spirit of reason and understanding," replied Renata, almost mechanically.

"How will you bring us into enlightenment?"

"With hope and truth.  See here how they glow so brightly."  Zephyr held the candle aloft, just as Renata had told him to do.  Assorted unnamed members of the guard gazed with fascination at the slender object with a flickering flame.  Some mutters of awe escaped their lips as Zephyr spoke the next part of the traditional speech.  "With this candle, I hold the key to compassion, love, purity, and light.  By igniting the braizer with this sacred flame (Renata indicated the altar with outstretched hands.), I remind us all of the same flame that each of us hold within our hearts.  We must not lose sight of this flame, lest it weaken and go out, extinguishing our spirit.  By coming together underneath this common fire, our loved ones are bound to us forever, and then, not even death can separate us."

The young vampire deposited the candle into the oil-filled braizer, which immediately exploded in into a flurry of flame and color.  Some disgruntled exclamations escaped from the crowd; fire was the only thing that could kill a vampire, so it was natural that they were slightly afraid of the giant flame on the altar.  Aro stepped down from his throne, gracefully gliding over to the altar so that he was in front of the flame, his arms up in a gesture of benevolence.  "The spirit has spoken," he said.  "Now, let the celebration begin."

Marcus POV:
Another solstice celebration had begun.  Another flaming braizer had been lit.  Another year had gone by.  Ugh!  Why did I even bother?  It was always the same, no matter which new born or youngest member held the flame of enlightenment.

I sighed as the braizer was moved off to the side of my throne and glanced over at Caius.  The look he gave me reassured that he was just as bored as I was and I took comfort in that.  I nodded and turned back to the guard.  'Brace yourself, Caius,' I thought unexcitedly.  'Something tells me this is not going to be much different from the other 1200 solstices we've seen.'

The singing of songs and playing of music came first.  As per usual, the more musical members of the guard came forward to perform their respective pieces.  Also as was the custom, they performed our favorite holiday pieces as well as some requests from their fellow members.  Wait!  That was unusual; the guard had never gotten my brothers and my favorite holiday carols correct before.

I glimpsed over at Caius to quickly catch the ghost of a smile drifting over his face as "Christmas Pipes", as performed by a group called Celtic Woman, was performed.  'It'll do him good to smile more often,' I thought.  'I would be bored out of my mind if I had to play the tyrant all the time.'  I chuckled at that thought as I shared it with Caius, glancing knowingly at Aro.  This time, Caius didn't hesitate to smile at me as he nodded in complete agreement.

If Caius returned the same gesture to me when the introductory suite to "The Nutcracker", my favorite piece, was played, I couldn't tell.  The first smile I had experienced since in centuries was creeping over my face.  It felt so bizarre, not smiling for so long, but then I had never been able to be happy since Didyme had passed on.  Athenodora and Sulpicia, who were flirting with a couple of the younger members of the guard, did their best to comfort me, but with my mate gone, I could never be complete, let alone happy.

The feast and dancing which followed after the music were uneventful, nothing to suggest an abnormality.  I did not detect any new persons among the guard or the guests that I had not laid eyes on before.  However, there was a new presence here and close as well; "I feel it too, Marcus," whispered Caius as he slid effortlessly past me on the ballroom-sized floor, Athenodora in his arms.  "Something strange is going to happen tonight."

"Indeed," I replied before turning back to cast Heidi into a graceful dip in my arms.  I had to reduce myself to dancing with women among the guard, having no eternal partner in easy reach.  Reminding myself of this fact caused the apathy that had so long ruled me to resurface and that numbed my mind again until it was time for the receiving of gifts.

The guard would give me and my brothers a gift before exchanging gifts with one another.  All were subject to this custom, no exceptions made.  And while the jade canopic jars that held the innards of Snephru (Amun, Kebi, and Benjamin), the filigree sparrow which acutally chirped like its living counterpart (Jane and Alec), and the gilded-jaguar shield with sapphire eyes (The Amazonian Coven) all held some resdual splendor, none leapt out at me as meaningful or exciting.

...Wait, what was this?  Something falling close to the front of Aro's throne, something I had never seen before.  I blinked my eyes in disblief as the young woman who had just leapt down from the high-domed ceiling got up from her knees and bowed before us.

3rd person POV:
Alana had made it to the palace just in time for the gift exchange.  She sighed with relief as she straightened up to her full 5'8" and bowed before the vampires she had sought out.  Silent astonishment filled the room, disappated by the sound of Zephyr's hands clapping a few long minutes later.  Other hands soon joined his, awkwardly at first but enthusiasm soon crept in, and so did a couple of cheers from Felix and Afton.

"Esteemed guests and gracious lords," Alana said, addressing everyone around her in her modest, yet melodic, voice.  "I did not come to this celebration to halt it's progession; I merely came to participate.  I come bearing gifts, like the three kings of old, for the three kings before us."

She bowed again, receiving the same friendly applause she had gotten when she catapulted down from the ceiling.  Marcus sat forward in his seat upon the dias, wanting a closer look at this strange newcomer.  'She does not have our powers,' he mused, 'yet she moves with our cat-like grace and great finesse.'

'Not to mention a talent for manipulating others,' Aro's thoughts replied, laced with amused respect and amazement.  Caius didn't like hearing that in his tone of thought; it usually meant that Aro was going into "power-hungry maniac" mode, and even when the brothers were facing a common threat to their power, that was never a good thing.  He started to get up from his throne, aiming either to order her to leave or drain her on sight if she refused, but Aro waved him back.  "No Caius," Aro said, half-whispering.  "Let's just see what this one wants.  She did say she brought a gift for us, did she not?"

Caius just resumed his station, his face puckered into a look of absolute annoyance, not saying a word.  Aro could barely contain the snicker that nearly escaped his elegantly slanted nose.  His brother had never looked so childish in all of their immortal days.  Rolling his eyes with a smile, he turned back to the uninvited guest, watching her over his interlaced fingers.

"For the youngest king," Alana said, producing a folded purple object from inside her black pea-coat.  Alec came to retrieve it from her but she shook her head.  "I wish to present these gifts to the three brothers myself.  It wouldn't feel the same if someone else did it for me."  With that, she oriented herself so that was walking toward Caius' throne and knelt before him, her arms stretched out in a gesture of offering.

The immortal took the article from her hands and turned it over in his own, letting the folds come loose.  It was a painted silk scarf, unlike any of the ones he owned or had seen.  Aubergines and deep royal purples at one end blended into lighter and lighter shades, finally terminating at lavendar and the lightest light purple at the other end.  "I know that you prefer crimson," Alana said, genuine apology in her voice, "but I felt that you would like this one."  Caius nodded his approval, smiling at the peculiar vistor as she returned to the place where she had thudded into the throne room.

"For the king who is young at heart."  She turned her attention to Marcus, going through the same gestures she had done with Caius.  This time though, she took off the glove on her right hand and extended it to the apathetic yet ambivalent vampire lord.  Marcus caught sight of two rings on her hand.  One was a band of silver on her ring finger, with "wherever you are, you're always in my heart" inscribed on it; the other had three elliptical stones, which were green, orange, and yellow, all in a row, and this one was on her middle finger.

He reached out toward the silver band, but she curled her fingers into a fist and hid it in her other hand.  "That particular item is a gift for someone special," she said, a whisper of coldness in her voice.  A couple members of the guard eyed her quizzically and quiet gasps could be heard from the Egyptian coven.  Resuming her tone of conviviality, she said, "Forgive me if the ring doesn't fit you.  I didn't know how big your finger was.

"If you're curious, the stones are all different colors of amber."  Alana took the ring from her middle finger and slid it onto Marcus' ring finger.  He looked down at his gift, his first piece of amber jewelry, admiring how it glittered in the light from the braizer nearby, how it fit nearly perfectly.  (The ring was acutally slightly bigger than his ring finger.)  It brought back memories of his happiness with Didyme, warming a nostalgic heart that had so long been in chryonic sleep.  "Thank you," he whispered, an unexpected tear escaping his eye as she re-took her place in front of Aro's throne.

Aro POV:
"As for the king that remains forever frozen in the center of time," the mysterious visitor proclaimed, "I'm sure that he will find his gift as cold and crystalline as its smaller, colder counterparts outside."  Was she implying that she had caused the snow storm that had buried the courtyard in snow?  I could only wonder, one of my eyebrows arching curiously, what she would give me as she delved into the folds of her coat once again.

'Such a strange young miss,' I thought to myself.  Wavy red hair, not unlike that Victoria girl the Cullens had a run in with, moss green eyes, skin that is neither pale nor tan (I doubted she had ever been able to get one.), tall but not awkward, skinny build.  Altogether unintimidating at first sight, a perfectly normal mortal, but something about her said that this young woman had an alternate motive besides coming here to give me a gift.

The red-head shed her short coat as she fingered something inside its folds, shifting it so that it was over her hands.  Her clothing underneath, jeans and a T-shirt plus the casual Journey flats I had seen her wearing when she had walked over to my brothers to present their gifts, added to the total effect of unintimidation she emanated.  Being a vampire though, and accustomed to using casualness as a form of persuasion myself from time to time, I knew that things that seemed unpredisposing at first could hide other motives or alternate attributes.

"Could I request some help with my coat?" she asked.  "I would do it myself, but in doing so, I might reveal Aro's gift before I wanted to."  Now this was a surprise.  A mortal had known my name, as well as that my brothers and I ruled the vampire world, without anyone disclosing any information to her, anyone here anyway.  I had to restrain myself from squinting as I shut my eyes, deep in thought, as I tried to figure out how and why she knew.

"Aro?"  Marcus' well-meaning voice snapped me out of my thoughts, even though my eyes remained closed.  I heard gasps of surprise, exclaimations of awe, and even pangs of jealousy issue from the company in front of me.  "It must be some gift," I murmered, "because Caius has not ordered her immediate execution yet."

"Then again, I did receive my gift first," Caius whispered into my left ear, slightly annoyed but mostly playful.  "She pacified me so thoughts of murder wouldn't spring to my mind."

Marcus spoke again from my right.  "Indeed, I think it good that she did.  It would have ruined the spirit of the celebration."

"Like yours isn't all the time?" Caius countered.

Halting the imminent but well-meaning quarrel between my brothers, I asked, "So, what did she get me?"

"Open your eyes and see for yourself, my lord," said the girl's voice from directly in front of me.  I complied, my eyelids fluttering open, and gazed upon the object she held in her open hands.  It was a snowflake made out of diamonds, or at least semi-precious stones that looked like diamonds.  Blue, clear, and every shade in-between of diamond cut stone was present in the marvelous, yet miniature, marvel she was presenting to me.

"Come forth and recieve my gratitude, my lord."  She bowed again, low but not too, and nodded her head towards the snowflake, permitting me to come forward.  I glanced at Caius and Marcus, silently asking them to come with me, keeping my face as serious as possible.  (Seriousness is usually hard for me since just about everything can get me excited, whether it be the promise of a battle, a new vampire joining the guard, or even something as simple as a gift from a complete stranger.)  We rose as one from our thrones and descended the steps between us and our uninvited guest.

My brothers came up beside me as I stood in front of her to receive my gift.  I observed, 'She's almost as tall as me.'  Aloud, I asked her, "Where do I wear such an ethereal and thoughtful gift?"

She pulled out a silver chain from behind the snowflake.  I pulled my long hair out of the way, making it easier for her to fasten it around my neck.  When she was done, she turned to Sulpicia and Athenodora and said, "If it is all right with you, I would like a private word with the three brothers.  There is something I wish to ask them."

"Of course dear," Athenodora said, she and Sulpicia sliding over the floor as if she were skating over ice towards our mysterious stranger.  "Just don't try to pull any tricks with my husband," Sulpicia cautioned.  The young woman nodded, glancing at me with a careful eye.

As she led us down the hallway away from the throne room, I thought, 'If her suspcious glances are that menacing, I'd hate to see what she looks like when she's being seductive.'  Marcus and Caius, who had heard my thoughts, nodded their heads in mutual agreement.  It was rare that both Caius and I agreed upon something, but when we did, it was usually dangerous.  The woman turned to face us when we had come to Caius's lookout; he often frequented this place in the hallway when he needed to think or contemplate things.  I had the feeling that he had been there before the party began, gazing out at the snow.

"My lords Marcus, Caius, and Aro," she said, kneeling adressing each of us by name.  "Before I tell you the true purpose behind my coming, there is something more I wish to give you.  But before I do, I request that Marcus get down on his knee, as I am now, to receive it."

Marcus looked towards me and Caius with a confused look on his face.  I shrugged and Caius pointed his gaze at the floor, hinting to comply.  He did so as the woman stood up again, went over to him, and planted a kiss on his forehead.  "I hope that you never lose sight of what is truly important," she said as Marcus stood up and hugged her.  "You may think you are alone, but you are surrounded by friends, not to mention two brothers, who love you.  I wish that could be so lucky to count that among my blessings."

"Thank you, my dear," Marcus whispered, his slightly wrinkled hands running through her smooth red hair.  "I shall try, and every time I do, I'll think of you."

"Caius, you next," she said after she and Marcus had broken their friendly embrace.  Caius rolled his eyes as he knelt down, and once he got there, he looked at me with a look that said, "Please, burn me now!"  I had to crack a smile; Caius was always asking for punishment but it had never been for himself.  "Since you would not receive it willingly, I shall make it longer than your brother's kiss."

Indeed, she not only planted a kiss on my dear brother's brow; she more like sewed it there with her lips it was so long.  When she finally broke away, she took my brother's hands in hers, helping him up, as she said, "Do not seek satisfaction in punishment and oblivion for justice is a double-edged sword.  Your misdeeds will come back to haunt you, but it is never too late to start penance for your actions.  Remember that, my lord."

Caius nodded, smiling, as she strode over to me.  I made to get down my knees, bowing my head down, but she caught my chin, bringing my face upwards and my body with it.  "For you, my lord Aro, you must close your eyes to receive yours as you had them closed when I gave you the necklace."

It was my turn to feel embarrassed, and Caius' turn to smirk, as I closed my eyes and waited.  Suddenly, a flood of color filled my senses as I felt something smooth against my lips.  I realized when I heard my brothers' shocked gasps just where Alana, for I just found out that was her name, was kissing me.  Alana was 21, born and raised in the U.S., a high-school graduate of a private school and currently a junior at Cornell University, both of which were in New York.  (Obviously, it was either Winter Break or she was studying abroad.)  Her favorite food was shrimp lo mein, she loved to swim (I saw her as captain of her high-school swimteam.) and she preferred mountains and snow to deserts and sunshine.

Those facts, and many more, about her life flashed behind my eyelids for what seemed like 2 hours, when in reality the kiss lasted about 2 minutes.  She had gotten insistent with her tongue about half-way through, so I had let her have access to my mouth in order to appease her (Her tongue made quite a good opponent against mine.), and to increase my perception on two key things I had seen in her memories.

One of them was her requesting the guard to play me and my brothers' favorite songs at the solstice celebration, to make us feel in as good a mood as possible before she arrived.  'No wonder the musicians seemed the least shocked out of all the people there,' I thought.  'I rather enjoyed that arrangement of "The Christmas Song" (my favorite).'  The other was the fact that she had never found true love, even though she was by no means bad-looking; in lieu of this fact, I took note that she had had a crush on the Phantom of the Opera since she was twelve.

When we broke our passionate kiss, I was breathing hard, and I was the one who didn't need to breathe in order to maintain homeostasis.  "Now you know why I came here," the shrewd minx said, wiping her mouth on her sleeve so that my red eyes twinkled at the suggestive slowness of the gesture.

"I also know why you wouldn't allow me to touch you until then, Alana," I said, shaking off the slight bit of lust in my thoughts.  "You had heard about us from Bella and Edward (I had seen that she had been friends with Bella from a young age.  Alana had lived in Phoenix until she graduated from middle school; she and her mom had moved to New York to be closer to her high-school, but she and Bella had stayed in touch through e-mails and regular visits from Alana.), and yet you sought us out on your own.  Why?"

"Because, like Edward, I want you to kill me."

"Even though I could punish you just for being here uninvited," Caius chided, "I see no reason to murder you, Alana, since you have done nothing to provoke me to, and for once, I'm content to let it stay that way."

"Good," said Marcus.  "That's the last thing we need."

Letting my usual sly smile streak over my face, I said, "Follow me, Alana.  There is something I wish to give you."
My first attempt at a Twilight fanfic, just in time for the holidays. A couple of notes:
1. Shifts in POV are indicated by 3rd person POV or a character.
2. The order of the procession is in terms of immortal age and seniority, not human years. Also, there's an uneven number of known Volturi guards, hence why Felix walked in Layla, my new secretary for the Volturi.
3. Zephyr and Alana are fan-characters that I came up with on my own, so don't discredit me.
4. I'm sorry if Caius doesn't seem nearly bloodthirsty enough, but this is supposed to be a fanfic where everyone feels good, including the characters that scare us like Caius and Jane.
5. Aro, Marcus, and Caius each get to have their own section of POV, and they are just as different as the brothers themselves.
6. Alana's rings are based on two I own in real life. Also, Caius' scarf is based on one I saw in a bookshop; it was pretty.
7. Aro is my favorite of the three brothers, which is why I gave him the most complexity and saved his POV for last.
8. Here are links to Aro, Marcus, and Caius' favorite songs:
[link] Caius
[link] Aro
[link] Marcus
9. I hope you enjoy this!
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She is human.
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I was originally planning a follow up where she stated she came to die as she thought her life had no meaning, happy for her old friend Bella but also a bit envious that she found a family she would cherish as her parents had both moved on to other people.  But I never got around to it, and then I was disenchanted with Twilight by my senior year of high school.  We had a reference to it in my school's Christmas play with "Lord Edward and Lady Ellen ("Bella")" but that was it.  I did propose that the Volturi could come a la "Three Wisemen" bearing gifts for the Lords and Ladies of the Manor though.
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P.S. My favorite part about writing "Christmas in Volterra"? The gifts Alana gave the 3 brothers. I actually saw all three objects in real life and tried to recall them in fan-fiction form.
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Yes, I am planning a quartet of Twilight stories, just like there was a quartet of books. I'll do one for each season, so Winter is done; since the next one will be Spring, I'm thinking of journeying either to Belhem (Amazon) or Karnak (Egypt) next. "D-Day in Denali" will be the final one, representing Autumn; the "D" stands for "decision".
P.S. Alana is actually older than Bella. She'll be 22 when she goes to visit either Zafrina or Amun.
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He's going to give her something. However, her "present" gets scared and says he won't kill her. Aro gives Alana one year to see if she will change her mind. Check out "Beltaine in Karnak" for more details. (I haven't gotten to the part where Aro gives her her present yet, so I just gave you a spoiler!)
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ok, thnx!! :)
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